5 Ways to Keep Your Floors in Good Shape This Winter

From the snow to ice, there are many messes that winter brings along, damaging our floors in the process. Not only are these dangerous for your floors, but your entire space also! See these five foolproof tips to make your flooring last longer, safe, and warm during winter.

Keep Your Floors Salt- and Debris-Free

The most damaging aspect during the colder seasons to your floor is the ice melt or salt. Although these make removing snow from our steps and walkways easier and prevent rips and falls, they can be detrimental to your floors. After all, among the commonly used ice melt chemicals are sodium chloride and calcium chloride, both corrosive and can damage your flooring over time. 

So, when using ice melt or salt, stop them from touching your floors. Or use it for outdoor use like it’s supposed to be!

Designate a Walk-Off Space

A walk-off space keeps all outdoor elements out, protecting your floors to prevent slipping and falling. Generally, most people use massive and heavy-duty rugs or carpeting in the walk-off area. Not only does it make your flooring warmer during the colder seasons, but it also traps all the rain, ice melt, slush, snow, etc., before seeping into your floors.

Ideally, the walk-off area must be 8 to 10 feet long to protect your flooring while drying your guests’ shoes and stopping slips!

Do Your Regular Cleanings Twice

The peak of the winter months are brutal to your floors, and to help preserve them longer, do your regular cleanings twice! For instance, if you vacuum and sweep every morning, do it at night too. Doing this removes all the ice melt, dirt, and other debris on your floors. And not only can it stop damaging your flooring, but it also keeps them pristine and good-looking!

Take Extra Care of Your Wood Floorings

As gorgeous as wooden floors are, they can be finicky, especially during the colder months. After all, the material constricts worse in colder temperatures. So, you must maintain even humidity levels to stop them from warping and breaking. Generally, gaps and holes can form between these, accommodating debris and causing them to get stuck within!

You can prevent snow, ice melt, and salt from damaging your wooden floors by adding a protective layer on top, such as a thick and fluffy carpet or rug. If the weather doesn’t permit it, applying moisture-resistant primer and paints to your wood flooring is ideal. It is best to consult a reputable flooring contractor for some tips and advice on how to maintain your wood flooring even during winter months.

Cover all the Bases

Be sure you’ve checked every entrance and exit within your property alongside the flooring. After all, these places experience the most traffic, making them more dangerous for injuries and slips. So, to protect your floors and prevent accidents, ensure you’re covering all the bases! 

As difficult as it may be, keeping your floors safe and dry during the colder months is crucial. If you’re struggling to maintain your flooring this winter season, contact Carmel Flooring Company, a leading and reliable flooring contractor to help you out. Call them today for a free quote and consultation!

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